Data Management for Regulatory Agencies

Decade Software Company offers an exceptionally flexible software solution for regulatory government agencies such as environmental health, fire, air quality, business licensing, and code enforcement departments.

Under Accela, we are recognized as leaders in implementation, configuration, support, and data management. Learn more about the ways we can help you.

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Everyone in your agency benefits from designed-right software.

  • Streamline tasks in every department
  • Consolidate information for better use
  • Accelerate financial reporting and analysis
  • Harness the power of e-Government

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Who Uses Decade Software?

Experience Superior Services

Our services deliver unparalleled assistance.

We offer professional project management services to coordinate training, assist with needs analysis, guide system configuration, lead data migration, perform report development, and much more.

Decade provides a seasoned project team, a proven implementation methodology, an online project management repository, progress reporting, communication tools, and project tracking to manage all project tasks and assignments.

Training your staff is an important step to ensure the successful deployment of our solutions. We place a high priority on the development of meaningful and effective training resources. You’ll participate in a mix of onsite and Web-based training sessions.

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EnvisionConnect is Comprehensive

Everyone in the agency benefits.

Workflows designed into EnvisionConnect make it many things to many people. Regardless of your job function, you need information to do your work. Our engineers and consultants combine their experience, working with small rural agencies to large metropolitan systems, to create page layouts and sequences that let you get in and get out—so you can focus on your work.

  • Promote consistency, speed, utility
  • Respond to complaints and crises with record speed
  • Perform fee studies, recover costs, report successes
  • Eliminate steps and use less paper
  • Streamline daily tasks and reduce data errors
  • Create on-demand metrics for measured accountability
  • Diminish dependency on administrative staff

The Page Layout Editor

Some vendors offer no form customization.

Some vendors promise free or fee-based customization, but the wait can be excruciating. We've built-in the unique capacity to design specific data-entry pages using existing or new EnvisionConnect fields. Agencies can (and do) use page layout to optimize data-entry and record browsing.

This means a change in forms doesn't require begging (or paying) your vendor to make a change.

Improve Service Delivery and Increase Public Transparency

Get greater efficiency, accuracy, and public acceptance

Public disclosure and online services enhance public satisfaction—

  • Enable online payments, complaints, and service requests
  • Share regional data and access among partner agencies
  • Assure legally binding/immutable forms submissions
  • Allow unlimited attachments (images, documents, etc.)
  • Serve constituents with transparency
  • Achieve resolutions quicker
  • Help your constituents avoid lines in your offices
  • Electronically route documents for review