Read how the right leadership made all the difference in LA County's implementation of EnvisionConnect

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This year we used inspection scores to discount bills for those food facilities that did well. Thank you very much!

  • Pooran Singh
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A Recipe for Success

Los Angeles Success StoryLos Angeles County

Los Angeles County Environmental Health Department is one of the largest environmental health department in the world. Over 800 staff members spread across 16 district offices are responsible for 85 cities, additional unincorporated areas, and over 30 environmental health programs.

Under the careful eye of County and Decade Software leadership, Los Angeles has gone from an outdated paper-based infrastructure to a virtual, unified system, conducting inspections on mobile computers, and taking fiscal responsibility for its services. 

Click here to read how LA's massive project came in under budget and ahead of schedule. 

Save time and improve quality

Public disclosure and online services enhance public satisfaction

  • Serve constituents with transparency
  • Achieve resolutions quicker
  • Help your constituents avoid lines in your offices
  • Electronically route documents for review
  • Enable online payments, complaints, and service requests
  • Share regional data and access among partner agencies
  • Assure legally binding/immutable forms submissions
  • Allow unlimited attachments (images, documents, etc.)
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