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Why Attend TrainCon?
Improve Your Capacity

TrainCon is our chance to work alongside each other to improve strategy and performance, leverage our collective experience, and network with other professionals in the field of environmental and community health. 

Build Capacity at TrainCon!
Join us and learn how to build capacity within your organization.

Decade Software Company has long been an advocate of smarter, faster, and more powerful software solutions to help the environmental health profession accomplish more in less time.

TrainCon is Going Green

As a part of our commitment to the health of our environment, Decade strives to make TrainCon eco-friendly. Learning materials are distributed electronically for each participant.



What is TrainCon?

Every year Decade holds an annual training conference. This is the most cost effective and direct way to learn how to leverage features of EnvisionConnect and supporting Decade products.

We offer interactive sessions that promise to be packed with information and applicable ways to maximize your department’s resources. You’ll get straightforward teaching, real life examples, and the encouragement to try new features. Branch out. Get to know how other agencies are using EnvisionConnect. 

Why Attend?
At TrainCon you'll receive valuable, direct, cost-effective, and comprehensive training on Decade products. Not only will you maximize the way you use EnvisionConnect at TrainCon, the door is wide open for you to connect face to face with people from agencies striving towards common goals. 
  • Improve your skills through educational product-specific sessions that will help users take full advantages of Decade solutions
  • Collaborate to acquire the information you need to operate more efficiently and effectively
  • Learn from your peers by sharing stories and best practices
  • Jump in with interactive hands-on learning labs and product demonstrations
  • Hear from enlightening keynote speakers
  • Connect through peer networking opportunities and join in on fun events
  • Get the very latest information about Decade products, services, and company strategy
*C.E.U. credits are available for California Registered Environmental Health Specialists (REHS).

Save time and improve quality

Public disclosure and online services enhance public satisfaction

  • Serve constituents with transparency
  • Achieve resolutions quicker
  • Help your constituents avoid lines in your offices
  • Electronically route documents for review
  • Enable online payments, complaints, and service requests
  • Share regional data and access among partner agencies
  • Assure legally binding/immutable forms submissions
  • Allow unlimited attachments (images, documents, etc.)
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