NEHA Partners with Decade

Advancing IT to Build EH Capacity

"...As federal and state government continues to shrink, more responsibility is falling back to local government. Given the financial challenges facing local government, the only way to meet these expecations is through innovation!"

-Nelson Fabian, former NEHA Executive Director

Building Capacity

A Partnership to Enhance and Embrace Technology

The partnership, an initiative we call Building Capacity, formalizes a long-standing relationship between the National Environmental Health Association and Decade Software Company to further the use, fit, and future development of IT resources for the environmental health profession.

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Elevate performance. Enhance value. Improve agility.  

Building Capacity“By teaming up, NEHA and Decade will jointly work to increase the sophistication of the environmental health workforce,” explained Nelson Fabian, former Executive Director and CEO of the National Environmental Health Association. “Software applications hold the promise of increasing productivity and should enable environmental health professionals to better and more meaningfully use the data that they collect.”

The partnership hinges on a multi-agency advisory board charged with defining and driving the development of EnvisionConnect, Decade Software Company’s environmental health management, permitting, and inspection software. NEHA will also continue to advocate the benefits of software utilization for the advancement of the profession.

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Save time and improve quality

Public disclosure and online services enhance public satisfaction

  • Serve constituents with transparency
  • Achieve resolutions quicker
  • Help your constituents avoid lines in your offices
  • Electronically route documents for review
  • Enable online payments, complaints, and service requests
  • Share regional data and access among partner agencies
  • Assure legally binding/immutable forms submissions
  • Allow unlimited attachments (images, documents, etc.)
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