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This morning you solved a problem that has existed here for years, causing lots of frustration and highly inefficient workarounds. Many have tried, but you are the victor! Thank you so much for your help! Five stars to you!

  • Richard McCarty
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The Advantages of EnvisionConnect

A single solution for everyone in the agency.

EnvisionConnect meets the needs of Directors, Program Managers, Administrators, Inspectors, Fiscal Agents, and Public Constituents. The flexible, customizable interface allows users with different roles and experience levels do their work without wrestling with the software.

Let your data help you dictate agency productivity, justify program need, increase agency funding, and provide accountability to the public you serve.

Officers and Directors

Benefit from consistent, consolidated department information.

As a leader, encouraging uniformity is crucial to your agency's success. That's why EnvisionConnect was designed to maximize data consolidation and minimize data silos. It's why each EnvisionConnect deployment replaces several disparate and separate systems. Immediately, Officers and Directors see improved efficiency, reduced effort, stable (and often reduced) costs, and better data analysis and reporting.

Uniformity improves predictability. You’ll see a return on your investment with EnvisionConnect. From data entry and inspection logging, to complaint tracking and permitting; data management just gets easier.

Accurate, easy, real-time access to fiscal and program-related data is today's standard. EnvisionConnect exceeds the standard by integrating with your agency's other systems in a seamless and user-friendly interface. You will:

  • Improve program delivery through consolidated and uniform data collection
  • Control labor costs by automating manual and paper-driven processes
  • Reduce time required for permit processing
  • Increase fee collection rates
  • Better direct education efforts through violation trend analysis
  • Increase staff productivity and efficiency
  • Enhance agency’s service delivery by offering services online
  • Boost transparency with online public disclosure

Program Managers

Streamline tasks throughout the organization.

Program Managers have a lot to juggle. You're responsible for ensuring standards are met, schedules kept, follow-up occurs, and, ultimately, the public is safe. There isn't a lot of wiggle room. You could spend your time designing processes, procedures, and reporting tools to stay informed. Or, you could use EnvisionConnect's inherent features to easily:

  • Track staff productivity
  • Ensure recalcitrant operators are handled properly
  • Report up the chain
  • Meet inspection quotas
  • Ensure inspection standards are followed by all

Because EnvisionConnect is designed right, managing programs automatically manages revenue and expense tracking. Which means your juggling just got a lot easier.

Finance Managers

Simplify and accelerate all your financial processes.

'Simplify' isn't just a hopeful journey. It's a destination with EnvisionConnect. Finance managers using EnvisionConnect will tell you that we thought of everything when we built the EnvisionConnect financial system. From the step-by-step, guided and example-filled system configuration, to the numerous batch processes and everything in-between, you can generate, update, review and audit all of your finances quickly and easily.

If your agency is like most, the number and variety of rules required to bill for each program's permit, service, or even surcharges, can seem endless. That's where EnvisionConnect can really help; designing rules to fit your needs is the start. It ends with routine and standard processes that can:

  • Batch generate hundreds of new invoices at a time, where the system applies the appropriate rules for you
  • Automatically receive and post payments from your financial institution without any intervention on your part
  • Determine which accounts should:
    • be penalized for late payment
    • receive an invoice, consolidated statement, or dunning letter
    • receive a permit to operate because they’re in compliance
  • Generate summary or detailed financial reports covering everything from billed-versus received, budget-to-actual, program by program comparisons, and more. Lots more.
  • Transfer financial data with all of your umbrella organization's General Ledger systems

It’s the design that makes the difference. Everything is connected and flows to the financial system: inspections, investigations, and follow-ups can auto-generate invoices. Payments update invoices, accounts, and permits. Facility ownership changes update accounts. Fee changes affect all scheduled invoices without human intervention. And reports are designed to update the records and fields of your choice.

What does it all add up to? Less effort on your part to reduce costs, increase accuracy and accountability, justify expenditures, report revenue, and analyze financial data.

That’s our promise. And you can take that to the bank.

IT Specialists

Take advantage of the latest advancements in technology.

Have you ever sat in on a product demonstration and halfway through the demonstration, when you learn the product is built with an arcane or obsolete tool you’ll have to support, has early retirement popped into your head?

Before building EnvisionConnect, we took great care to ensure that IT staff would be happy with the technology we chose:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • ‘Smart Client’ Implementation
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Crystal Reports
  • ESRI GIS products

If you’re like most, these products are already licensed by your agency.

Our product is easy to install, too. Just click on a Web page—we use ClickOnce—and updates are applied to your entire organization in minutes. If you run a small IT Department, or your resources are shrinking, Decade can provide application hosting, too.

Many Decade clients have integrated EnvisionConnect with their existing document management, GIS, land management, property tax, or financial systems. For most integrations, you won't have to worry about expensive custom programming or project management because our EnvisionConnect Extender is the perfect fit. A one-time tailoring by Decade and EnvisionConnect will communicate with just about any external system.

For more advanced needs, Decade anticipates a complement of Web services that may be utilized by any well-authenticated application. Both Extender and Web services will provide the means to query, insert, update, and delete EnvisionConnect data.

How's that report request backlog coming? You might be relieved to know that, because EnvisionConnect uses Microsoft SQL Server, many of our users have built their own SQL Server’s Reports for on-demand, ad-hoc reporting. SQL Server's Report Builder is included with SQL Server so there isn't an additional licensing fee, either.

Here's Your Information Technology Checklist:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008
  • SAP Business Objects’ Crystal Reports
  • ESRI Development Partner
  • Application Service Provider (ASP) Model
  • Web services
  • Published APIs
  • Role-based Security Model
  • Advanced Project Management Methodologies
  • Data Conversion Services


It’s about time.

EnvisionConnect is designed right. Especially for administrators. We focused on eliminating duplicate data entry, re-using data, and flexibility. Although that may seem simple, you've probably met vendors that don't get it. Before using EnvisionConnect, one client entered information multiple times into multiple systems keying financial data into one system, the regulated program information into another, inspection tracking into still another, and finally, into a permitting application to track permits.

Name and address information—along with a lot of other data—was rekeyed relentlessly.

It is imperative to have non-duplicated data. If duplicates exist you never know which piece of data is accurate or obsolete, so you spend much of your time trying to determine which is correct. That's why EnvisionConnect was designed to eliminate data redundancy.

Our design takes into account those times when you want to create an additional record using an existing record as a model, such as creating a second plan review record for the same facility. With EnvisionConnect, simply access the existing record, make changes to reflect the second record, and store it. You will cut data entry by more than 90% in most cases.

Years ago, a Decade client needed to bill entities for complaint investigations. Prior to EnvisionConnect, they'd key in the complaint and the inspection into the food database, the fees into the financial database, and the time accounting into another database. After EnvisionConnect was up and running, they entered the complaint and inspection data into one system, EnvisionConnect. The moment the inspection was keyed, time accounting was up to date, the follow-up inspection was scheduled on the complaint record, and the invoice for the investigation fee was scheduled. All of that from a single data entry.

It doesn't stop there. You can design data entry forms to match your exact needs. No need to waste time with illogical forms, fields, and routines. Like everything in EnvisionConnect, it’s designed to make you more efficient, which will have you saying, "It's about time."

Inspectors and Emergency Responders

Your Job is More than a 'To Do List'

Your job goes beyond completing checklists and automating inspections is more than using an electronic inspection form. That's why EnvisionConnect Remote makes facility history available including associated complaints, permits, plans, digital attachments, enforcement actions, and much more. You can review the site’s permit payment status, all programs regulated at the site, and even the individuals or businesses involved with the site such as architects, engineers, well drillers, pumpers—you name it.

Sounds like we’ve got you covered, right? For the most part, we do. But, EnvisionConnect Remote provides for those situations that even we didn't anticipate. For example, our clients tailored the system, without custom programming, to—

  • Change the permit status during an inspection
  • Assign a different inspector for the next time the site is inspected
  • Document the foodstuffs embargoed at the pier using a data entry form that mimics the State-required form

We've added several time-saving features, too, like those times when you’re inspecting several regulated programs at a facility during an inspection? Perhaps you’re at a resort inspecting the hotel rooms, the swimming pool, the spa, the vending machines, and the massage therapy parlors. Each area has its unique list of potential violations and observations. With EnvisionConnect Remote you can launch a separate inspection form for all of them at once, and update the appropriate information as you move through the facility. Instead of requiring five signatures, let EnvisionConnect attach a single signature to each inspection record for you.

Save time with these features—

  • Predefine the list of valid code combinations to reduce data entry errors as well as the time required to store data
  • Auto-populate timesheets as inspections are logged
  • Create a library of favorite comments to plug into inspection or violation comments
  • Find the facilities or sites you need to inspect with predefined, configurable queries

All the text, options, and fields for your checklist are based on your design and you can use our models to speed the implementation of your design. Some are adopting the FDA checklist, others have their own. Regardless, you’re in control and that saves you time and money.

Regulated Businesses and Public Citizens

Improve service delivery and streamline communication with a customized Internet portal.

The EnvisionConnect Portal will increase agency accountability, reduce processing time, and streamline communications with your regulated businesses and public constituents by:

  • Accepting online applications
  • Routing applications for review and approval
  • Processing online fee payments
  • Sharing important data with regional partner agencies
  • Providing real-time field access
  • Disclosing public information such as restaurant inspection results

Save time and improve quality

Public disclosure and online services enhance public satisfaction

  • Serve constituents with transparency
  • Achieve resolutions quicker
  • Help your constituents avoid lines in your offices
  • Electronically route documents for review
  • Enable online payments, complaints, and service requests
  • Share regional data and access among partner agencies
  • Assure legally binding/immutable forms submissions
  • Allow unlimited attachments (images, documents, etc.)
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