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  • Department of Health Services
  • Sonoma County, California
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User Friendly Data Management...

"San Mateo County Environmental Health has been a Decade Software client since 1994. Our partnership with Decade Software began with a DOS version of Envision. We were an early adopter of Envision for Windows and in March 2011 we migrated to EnvisionConnect.

EnvisionConnect Flexibility

EnvisionConnect is a user friendly data management system which provides us with the flexibility to customize the system to meet our needs. We use Envision to track inspection time and activity, maintain complaint information, bill our regulated businesses, maintain detailed program information, service requests, issue permits etc. We use the data we maintain in EnvisionConnect for revenue projections and fee development.

The use of Envision/Envision Connect has allowed us to provide the public with online food inspection information and an online Household Hazardous Waste Appointment Scheduler. We worked with Decade staff to develop a script which exports data from EnvisionConnect and populates a countywide automated timekeeping system with Env Health staff timecard information. This project eliminated the need for staff to perform double data entry in two different systems.

We have the ability to customize fields and forms to meet our agency specific needs. We have created a user defined form to track reports of suspected foodborne illnesses and user defined fields to capture information specific to our waste tire program. We use a customized system tool launched from EnvisionConnect to connect to the associated electronic file.

Planning for the Future

Our future plans for EnvisionConnect includes implementing a public portal to allow our regulated businesses to submit their hazardous information electronically, submit online complaints, permit applications, Cross Connection device test result and ultimately perform online file reviews. We look forward to deploying EnvisionConnect Remote which will enable field staff to capture inspection data directly into the database rather than on paper. This ensures timely and accurate data collection and quicker public access. Historical data will also be available to inspectors electronically at the time of the inspection, thus improving the inspectors’ efficiency and effectiveness in the field.

All of our staff uses Envision/EnvisionConnect in some way beyond entering our daily time and activities. It is the primary tool for managing Environmental Health programs in our jurisdiction."

Lorraine Lew-White, REHS Health Services Manager 
San Mateo County Environmental Health

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The Page Layout Editor

Some vendors offer no form customization.

Some vendors promise free or fee-based customization, but the wait can be excruciating. We've built-in the unique capacity to design specific data-entry pages using existing or new EnvisionConnect fields. Agencies can (and do) use page layout to optimize data-entry and record browsing.

This means a change in forms doesn't require begging (or paying) your vendor to make a change.

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